Listen up! No discussion of possible blue or white collar career options would be anywhere near complete without taking the military alternatives into serious consideration. Research and learn as much as you can about each branch of the armed services – how they are similar and also how they differ. Like any other career decision, acquired knowledge is the key.

Serving your country is – in the humble opinion of the site editor – the noblest of professions. Without our service members, where would we be?  These are the men and women that protect our borders and secure our freedom on a never-ending basis. They are always on call. Think about that for a moment.  The vast majority of civilians just take this fact for granted for the simple reason that this is always the way it has been here in the United States.

This is another perfect example where most of us really never stop and reflect on how fortunate we all are in this respect. We often take the stability, protection, and security the US military provides to us as a given – as merely a default situation that will always exist – now and forever. Our combined armed forces need to remain as intellectually, physically, and technologically superior as possible to make this happen.

Our service member’s loyalty and dedication is unquestioned, just as our support for them should be without question.

Above all else, they sincerely deserve our utmost level of respect, admiration, and gratitude because they continually earn it.

We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we will always be free.”   

 Ronald Reagan

William J. Bennett and David Wilezol, co-authors of Is College Worth It?, offer their thoughts:

“The Army (West Point), Navy (Annapolis), Coast Guard, and Air Force academies have forged character, intellect, and heroism for generations. Enrolling in one of the four academies of the US military fulfills one of the highest callings of service to the nation, as well as the assurance of academic and physical challenges. The cost of attendance is free, and the education is excellent, but personal sacrifices will be made.”

“…..the chief aim of military service is serving the nation. But for generations of Americans, the military has been a conduit for acquiring knowledge in technical and nontechnical fields such as computer technology, automotive mechanics, aircraft maintenance, foreign languages, logistics, and communications. The military is also attractive because it sponsors a number of programs that will either help pay for college or repay student loans.”

“Not only are the academics sound and the financial aid benefits well worth the investment, but also the character development and skills training are invaluable for life. If you are thinking of joining one of these academies or colleges, your investment will be well worth your time and money. These institutions are models of higher education, not of just the mind but of the body and the soul.”

“Traditional” college not really for you? Tired of endless theories, essays, research papers, seminars , lectures, and just sitting in classes wondering if any of this is really worth it? Fed up with tuition costs and fees that continue to skyrocket? Maybe you have a legitimate problem with so-called professors that seem much more interested in teaching you “what” to think instead of simply “how” to think? Does any of this hit home? Does any of it sound all too familiar?

Are you ready for the practical – the logical – the highly applicable skill-set formation derived from a US military academy education? Remember – no coddling and “babysitting” here – unlike on most college campuses. Actually, get ready to experience the exact opposite. Prepare yourself to enter a world where your feelings and opinions cease to exist. Leave the cozy campus fantasyland atmosphere – the ultra-protective campus bubble – in your rear view mirror.

Welcome to reality!





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