“Our universities are doing a tremendous disservice, both to students and our culture, by letting students think they can bend reality to fit their whims. In the real world, people don’t get paid to be selfish and disruptive, but, rather, to be productive members of society. They are rewarded for cooperation and teamwork, not for dividing people because they have negative feelings about another race or feel offended by those from a different socioeconomic background. Our universities are producing a generation of Americans who are unable to function in the real world. We are quickly becoming a nation of Peter Pans, believing we can avoid reality in a Neverland of our own making. We’re encouraging students to embrace their selfish fantasies and to expect everyone around them to bend to their narcissistic whims and personal prejudices. We have created a generation that expects to receive affirmation for every feeling they have and every emotion they feel. Objective reality doesn’t matter. Subjective opinions are king.”

These are the observations of Dr. Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University in his recent book, Not A Day Care – The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth.

Dr. Piper has seen the results of these consequences play out on a daily basis. Avoiding reality taking the place of objective reality. Logic giving way to personal beliefs. Feelings overruling facts.

Can a society – a nation – a civilization – survive by defying reality?

If facts, logic, historical data – objective reality – don’t matter anymore, then is it any surprise that students are not majoring or often excelling in STEM related fields that deal explicitly with experimentation, observation, and deduction – all conducted for the sole purpose of learning the truth regarding a given set of theories or principles?

Are mathematical and scientific proofs rendered obsolete? Unnecessary? Is the entire concept of actually proving something – anything – by the use of investigation, research, factual evidence, the deriving of a logical conclusion through deductive reasoning – an antiquated idea that is no longer valid?

When subjective feelings far outweigh proven facts as they do on many of our college and university campuses, then we need to evaluate the likely consequences of future generations continually practicing this black art of reality avoidance.

Degrees in opinions. Is this what we want for our children? Is a degree in opinions going to lead directly to employment opportunities following graduation? As a parent, is a diploma awarded in recognition of personal beliefs, subjective opinions, and defying reality what you had envisioned for your son or daughter on commencement day? Do you consider a degree of this type a worthwhile and valid return on investment? Do you honestly believe that a degree in opinions – and not based in objective reality – remotely equates in any way imaginable to a positive ROI?

Just posing these inane questions at all is absurd.

Employers want employees who are grounded in objective reality. They do not want prospective employees with their heads in the clouds – whether they are suffering from substance abuse or from the apparent lack of instruction of anything academically substantial and valued by an employer. They are interested in people who can solve problems – not those who intentionally avoid problems or possibly even create them where none existed before. Employers seek out those firmly based in the real world – definitely not those hooked on the perverse belief that by avoiding what is real that they are then free to worship feelings instead of facts. They want employees who can consistently yield proven results in the workplace – not those who are consistently stoned on the advancement of unproven theories.

A resume boasting only of opinions – and not true achievements – is as worthless as a diploma awarded for the same.