About Us

My name is Scott Taylor. I spent 29 years working in the construction industry. The reason I created ExtremeAvarice.com is because over the last 40 years I have come to the conclusion that I am deeply concerned and also completely fed up with the state of so-called “higher education” in this country. Namely, the public and private college and university systems parasitic obsession with greed.

Their extreme avarice.

In many ways, traditional college has become an ongoing debt-inducing nightmare. Ever increasing tuition costs with no reasonable end in sight. Questionable on-campus and off-campus housing. Insane expenditures for used and rented textbooks. Seemingly endless “fees” of one form or another. The distinct possibility of accruing massive student loan debt over the course of four years or more of attendance at many colleges.

These costs are not only outrageous, they are indefensible.

Do you agree that at the very least we all should have the basic right to be treated fairly and equitably? As a student or parent, is there a feeling of intense frustration as you research all options available to combat these inexcusable costs?

Reality Check provides the knowledge required to avoid these costs yet still acquire a first-class education.

ExtremeAvarice.com exists to serve all those individuals who have no wish to be taken advantage of and all those who do not wish to be taken for granted.

This site is dedicated to all those seeking to better themselves through higher education.

Nothing is more important to my wife and I than the future of our two daughters. If you are reading this as a parent then I’m sure you feel the exact same way about your children. You want them to make informed decisions regarding their future. You want them to be successful in every phase of life, and the decisions they make – the careers they pursue after high school – are incredibly important to this future success.

Please understand that I am in no way saying that a college or university degree program is not a worthwhile endeavor to pursue. It is definitely not my intention to ever attempt to convince anyone of that. I firmly believe that a traditional college education is a near perfect fit for certain individuals in specific fields of study. In situations such as this these individuals would be doing themselves and possibly society at large a great disservice by not attending college. No question about that, but too often traditional college is seen as the default future course for high school graduates.

ExtremeAvarice.com is here to assist you in making intelligent and well-informed decisions regarding your future or the future of someone you love.